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Housing and Meals

  • All resident campers will be housed in air conditioned residence halls on campus.

  • Supervision is the responsibility of the coach attending with there team, plus App State Staff.

  • Balanced meals will be served by University Dining Services.

  • Meals will be served through breakfast on the morning of the first day through dinner the last full night.

  • Meals can be purchased in the cafeteria the first night and/or last morning by paying with a Credit/Debit Card. Cash is no longer accepted in the cafeteria.

Individual Wrestlers

  • Individual wrestlers attending either Team Camp will be assigned to a team upon arrival.

  • Individual wrestlers are wrestlers attending the Team Camp without a coach present. 

  • The only discount available to an individual wrestler is the Multiple Camp Discount(see below); otherwise full amount must be paid.

  • Individual wrestlers will be supervised by qualified staff.

  • Wrestlers must adhere to the code of conduct. 

Health and Welfare

  • Campers are covered with a limited accident/illness insurance policy

  • A certified athletic trainer will be on duty at all sessions.

  • Medical information, insurance information and parent/guardian signatures are required on Medical Release and Code of Conduct forms. (forms will be posted on this page soon.)

  • Forms are to be signed and turned in at registration.

Things to bring to Camp

Over Night Campers

  • Plenty of WORKOUT CLOTHES!!!

 (Roughly 3 changes of clothes per day)

  • Wrestling and Running Shoes

  • Bedding for a dorm room bed (Pillow, Sheets, Blankets, etc.)​

  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, etc.)

  • Towels

  • Head Gear & Knee Pads (optional) 

Day Campers

  • Wear shorts and t-shirt to camp each day

  • Wrestling & Running Shies

  • Packed Lunch

  • Head Gear & Knee Pads (Optional)

Camp Discounts

Team Camp Discounts

The following team discounts are offered for the two team camps only if they are registered and deposits paid by May 31, 2022.

  • 10-14 campers registered = $25 off per wrestler

  • 15 or more registered = $30 off per wrestler

Any discount already applied will be removed if a team drops below the discount number when registration is completed and paid for. Also, coaches must stay with the team for supervision in order to qualify for the discounts. 


  • Coaches that bring 10 or more wrestlers to one of the team camps are provided a room and meals at no cost.

  • A second coach is free with 15 or more wrestlers.

  • Additional coaches accompanying a team may participate for $200 per coach.

  • Coaches may attend the Intensive Camp for $355.

  • Coaches may attend the Prospect Camp for $150.

  • Coaches are responsible for supervising their wrestlers and enforcing the code of conduct for this camp.

  • Coaches are responsible for residence hall and cafeteria supervision for their teams and enforcement of rules and regulations of Wrestling Camp and Appalachian State University.

  • All coaches must do one night of dorm duty.

  • Coaches are responsible for taking roll at all sessions.


Multi Camp Discount

App State Wrestling Camps offer a discount to individual wrestlers who attend more than one camp. The first camp is full price, the second camp will receive an $80 discount.

  • This camp cannot be combined with any team discount.

Appalachian State Wrestling Camps are open to any and all.